What do QR Life pendant is SOS ?
  It is a holder designed to store personal data and/or medical infromation.
  When can it be used ?
  Anytime, anywhere, without geographic limitation.
  What do you aim Life Pendant QR SOS ?
  It is designed and intended for emergencies in which the holder thereof suffer a temporary disability to communicate clearly and verbally.
  Who enters the data ?
  Data is entered by the carrier, or someone designated by him for medical practitioners associated with our program.
  Who manages the data ?
  Data is stored on the media are managed by the user.
  How do I access my data ?
  You can access your data using a user key and password.
  Who gives me the password ?
  The access data come in the product documentation.
  Can I change my password ?
  Yes and it is obligatory to do so as to start entering data on your record, the program will ask generic data access in the documentation, but immediately asks to be adjusted.
  Where must I fill data record ?
  You can do in your phone, tablet or computer.
  How do I access populate data once you have purchased the pendant ?
  The first time you must scan the QR code with a reader and a tab will be opened where you can fill in all the data you want.
  Where can I find a QR code reader?
  Your phone is the reader; should just go to your app store and search for the free application for reading QR codes.
  Can I edit my data through my computer ?
  Yes, once you have discharged your record can update your details over the phone or even through your computer. Accessing www.lifeqr.es our website and clicking on the button in the left margin and putting PRIVATE AREA. Once on the page, it will ask for your username and password.
  Who can read my necklace ?
  Anyone with a last generation phone or Smartphone.
  Who is required to hanging QR SOS Life?
  For all individuals, kids, young or old persons. It is not only necessary for people with allergies or sick, either by very healthy, young athlete or whatever, it is exposed to external factors: dizziness, fainting, or a simple accident.
  All QR codes are the same ?
  No. Each pendant has a unique code.
  What do I do if I lose the pendant ?
  You can access your record through a computer with access codes and deselect the box for "Enable Public web page", shown above, at the beginning of the record. Thus, if someone finds her pendant and scans will not show your data.
  What do I do if I can not remember my login ?
  You can call the customer service phone 902 35 20 20 e-mail with your e-mail will locate its high which appeared your username and password.
  Can you facilitate my access to my data card by phone?
  No. In compliance with the Data Protection Act we will send mail to the e-mail to UD. provide us, to be the same team which was discharged. If you are the owner, you will immediately receive the e-mail, accessing your email account.
  What do data appear in the list of Life Pendant QR SOS ?
  They are personal and/or medical, as well as a picture.
  Must I have to fill all the data ?
  It iss´t required. You must fill all valuable data, with only the required photograph, name and surname, identity card or passport, email and date of birth.
  How can I've entered my data right ?
  Once you have filled in all the data and it has given the send button, you can exit the application. Pendant with Scan QR code reader and its tab will appear.
  What's wrong if nothing comes to my record?
  It is likely that when he began to fill in, has cleared the "Enable Public web page". Sign in to your profile and check the box.
  How do I modify my data ?
  Accessing their record with their passwords and changing everything you want. Once finished with the changes, click Submit. His record is already updated.
  I enlist several suspension?
  Yes You only have to consider that with every high must contain an e-mail differently.
  How many types of hanging there?
  Three models of pendants metal series and model from the series acrylic, although several colors in the latter, to choose.
  Can I swim with the pendant?
  Yes, the wet does not affect the operation.
  What do I care to give the pendant ?
  No exposure to abrasive or scratch to avoid damaging the QR code and thus provide an accurate reading.
  How should I read the QR code ?
  Bringing the mobile device, the camera of your phone shall act as reader, so try cleaning the lens, also avoiding reflections.
  Can I change the cord that came with pendant Life ?
  Yes, it doesn´t affect the operation of the pendant.
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